Little Critter’s Snowball Soup

Snowball Soup

Little Critter’s: Snowball Soup! 

Written by Mercer Mayer
Illustrated by Mercer Mayer

When Little Critter, Little Sister, and Dog go out to play in the snow, they decide to build a big snowman. But when it’s time to go inside for lunch, the Critters decide to feed their new snowy friends, too! And what does a snowman like to eat? Snowball soup, of course …

Discussion Questions:

  • Who do you meet at the very beginning of the story and what are they planning to do today?
  • What are the different ways they each play in the snow? How do you like to play with the snow?
  • Describe how they build a snowman together. Who does what?
  • Since it was lunchtime, what did they make for the snowman to eat? What did they use to make it? Why do you think they made soup for him?
  • After Little Critter and Little Sister came back outside after they had homemade soup, what did they find Dog doing?
  • If you could make a soup, what would you put in it? What’s your favorite kind of soup? Would you eat snowball soup?