Pony Scouts: The Camping Trip

Pony Scounts The Camping Trip

Pony Scouts: The Camping Trip! 

Written by Catherine Hapka
Illustrated by Anne Kennedy

When Meg goes camping for the first time, she doesn’t know what to expect. Unprepared for lots of bugs, long walks to the bathroom, and spooky, scary stories, Meg learns that camping is far more than just a slumber party outdoors. . . it’s a true Pony Scouts adventure! This series is full of all the rich details young horse lovers devour, from pony-centric plots to a “Pony Pointers” vocabulary page at the end of each book.

Before reading the story, take a look at the cover and the title of the book. If your child has gone camping, start off by asking them what they did when they went camping. If your child has never gone camping, ask your child what they think families do when they go camping.

Discussion Questions:

  • How do you feel on the first day of summer vacation? How did Meg react when her alarm went off and when did she realize she was going camping?
  • Describe what it was like when Meg, Jill, and Annie arrived to the state park?
  • What were 3 things Meg did that would tell you that this was her first time camping?
  • What was Meg’s ghost story about? Why do you think the girls were so scared as they listened?
  • Meg wasn’t totally prepared for her first camping trip but she definitely learned along the way with the help of her friends. What would you bring camping to make sure you were ready for adventure?