Harry Houdini: Escape Artist

Harry Houdini Escape Artist

Harry Houdini Escape Artist

Written by Patricia Lakin
Illustrated by Rick Geary

Find out how a little boy named Ehrich Weiss became Harry Houdini — the greatest magician the world has ever known!

Discussion Questions:

  • Where was Ehrich Weiss (Harry Houdini) born? Show your child where that is located on the map and where he lived when he arrived in America.
  • Why couldn’t Ehrich go to school?
  • What was the first trick he learned to do? Who taught it to him?
  • What are some characteristics of a good magician?
  • How did Ehrich train his hands, lungs, and mind to do magic?
  • Where does the name Harry Houdini come from?
  • What was Houdini’s proudest moment?
  • Describe the magic trick Houdini performed in the river?