Daniel Visits the Library

Daniel Visits the Library

Daniel Visits the Library

Written by Wendy Harris
Illustrated by Jason Fruchter

Daniel Tiger and Prince Wednesday are so excited for story time at the library! But first, they have to learn how to be calm and quiet. Can they calm down before story time starts?

Look at the cover with your child. Ask your child what characters he sees and what they may be doing at the library? Ask your child to identify the kinds of books that Daniel is holding to show that books can be about all kinds of interesting topics.

Discussion Questions:

  • Where is Daniel going with his Dad?
  • Why was Daniel so excited?
  • What did Daniel and his Dad do on the trolley to calm down before going to the library?
  • Who was at the library?
  • Why couldn’t Daniel hear the story at storytime?
  • How did Daniel help Prince Wednesday feel calmer when he was excited?
  • Ask them to point out the letters they recognize in the book as well!

If you can, take your child to the library one day. On your way there, ask them if the library is a place to be calm or to be loud. Make sure they understand that it’s a calm place but if they get excited and loud, you can practice the Ugga Mugga with them. This relatable story includes tips at the end for how to help your little one learn when to be quiet and when it’s okay to be silly!