Biscuit’s Day at the Farm

Biscuits Day at the Farm

Biscuit’s Day at the Farm 

Written by Alyssa Satin Capucilli
Illustrated by Pat Schories

Join Biscuit at the farm. Biscuit is going to help out on the farm today and can’t wait to feed all of the farm animals. He makes friends with the hens, the geese, and even an eager little piglet who wants to follow him everywhere!

Discussion Questions:

  • It’s Biscuit’s first time at a farm. If you visited a farm, what animals would you hope to see? Make a list and see if they’re on Biscuit’s farm!
  • The little girl goes to feed the hens and the pigs. When she reaches the pigpen, what does she see?
  • When they were feeding the goats, what did Biscuit find?
  • What happened when they were feeding the sheep and geese?
  • What noises do each of the animals on the farm make?
  • Why did Biscuit and the piglet run away? Where did the little girl find them?