You'll likely wonder how often you should be using Hooked on
Phonics with your child. This will vary widely depending on:

We suggest sitting down with your child for a few Hooked
on Phonics sessions to get a feeling for the point at which
they start to lose focus or get distracted. Each level's
lesson should take about 20 minutes to complete, so for
most kids, completing one level at a time is appropriate.

Most families will use Hooked on Phonics with their
children one to four times per week. The key is to engage
with the program frequently, and with consistently. Your
goal should be to encourage your child to progress, without
overwhelming him or her.

We find it can be immensely helpful to connect with others
who are also using Hooked on Phonics at home. Join our
Facebook Groups to get connected, share tips and ask
questions of other real Hooked on Phonics Families:

Also, don't forget: We encourage you to repeat levels as
many times as needed for your child to progress with
confidence. Luckily, kids love repetition!