When you open the app for the first time, you'll see the screen below.
Tap the For Parents icon in the blue bar and tap Login, then Create
Account (Use the email address you used to sign up). Add Students by
tapping Change User in the yellow bar after logging in.

To access the Pre-K Levels, where we believe you will want to begin,
swipe right where you see the arched white arrows. This will take you
to our Pre-K section, the Big Reading Show!

With each level of the Big Reading Show, your child will tap to watch
short videos introducing letter names and letter sounds through fun
songs and stories

Then, they'll use those letters in activities like this one (where they
drag a letter to build a word)

We're excited for you to get started. And please, make sure to move
at your child's pace. We encourage you to repeat levels as many times
as needed for your child to progress with confidence. Luckily, kids love repetition!